Michael Sombroek

Road To Texas

Road To Texas

About 28 months ago I started to make the plans to play in the US Open qualifying. But yes you guess it, it had been the plans to play in the 2020 US Open qualifying.

I should have been traveling to Miami end April 2020, all flights, hotels, rental cars where booked and I was signed up for the qualifying. But we all know how that went. All of the sudden there was the pandemic, countries where shut down, qualifying cancelled and instead of playing in Florida I cancelled all flights and hotels and got myself a cat which I called “Miami”.

So we had put everything on hold, still hoping the qualifying would happen somewhere in August 2020. But there was no qualifying. So plans where changed and I rescheduled everything for the 2021 qualifying, I mean what could go wrong there?

What then lies ahead is a long row of booking and cancelling. Well 2021 US Open qualifying did not work as travel to the USA was not possible. So I planned to play the Wyndham championship qualifying in August 2021, but no, travel was still not possible. Okay, then try the Houston Open qualifying in November, I mean I thought at some point travel must be possible again. But no, the opening of the US for foreign travel was just a few days after I had to be there. So yes, I had to reschedule everything again.

Now about 28 months later it is just a few days left until I finally fly to the USA to play the qualifying. And not only one qualifying, no I even play in two qualifiers. The AT&T Byron Nelson and the US Open qualifying.

It feels strange after such a long time of booking, cancelling and rebooking. And yes in two years time a lot has happened. My mother died in 2021 and my first cat Miami passed away a few months after I got him because the shelter I got him from had not known that he was very ill. Still I have not lost hope all those 28 months looking forward to the moment that travel is possible again and I can go and play in the qualifying.

And that moment is now and I know is perfect. So I go to Texas, a place I think I have already fallen in love with during making the plans for the trip. A place which I think is fantastic for golf and ideal for me.

And then my game. Yes it is very much in shape and I even have the perfect strategy to stay perfectly focused.

So yes, it has been a long road to Texas, but all good things take a while and so this is going to be the perfect trip.