Michael Sombroek

Exploring the Metroplex

Exploring the Metroplex

The last three days I had a lot of time to discover the Metroplex Dallas Fort Worth area. As I am planning to organize golf trips to Texas I took the time to discover as much as possible.

On Friday I took the ride towards Hurricane Creek Country Club which is in Anna about one hour north of Dallas. I am going to play the US open qualifying there and so had scheduled a practice round. But on my way I first made a stop at McKinney which is as well north of Dallas.

What a beautiful small city McKinney is. Such a lovely town with so many small shops and restaurants.

It is a real idyllic American small town and might be the ideal base camp for a trip with golfers as it is only 25-30minutes from downtown, but has a very nice atmosphere. I visited a western outfitter store situated in the building of the old Bank of America, so you can imagine, the place is charming.

In the afternoon I played my practice round at Hurricane Creek together with an American colleague who plays the Monday qualifying here for the AT&T and a member of the club. The good thing is that he’s already a member 30 years and has a 9 handicap. So he knows the course and gave us a lot of tips on where to hit the ball.

I think Hurricane Creek fits my game quite well. It is shorter (around 7000yds) and a bit hilly. So that’s a big advantage as most players struggle with hilly places and I am used to it because I learned on hilly courses. I hit most greens in regulation and putting was much better as well. So I think this is a great course for me to qualify.

In the evening I went back to McKinney to test the restaurant I was recommended.

Local Yocal is a great place to eat. The owner has an own cattle ranch, so everything is local. Even beer and wine are all local products. The food is great and not expensive. Really a hidden gem this place.

I finished the night at the Pub at McKinney before driving back to Dallas, and the best thing, I know the way already so good that I do not need navigation anymore.

Yesterday I then first had the Stockyards on my planning. So I drove over to Fort Worth. I must say honestly that place is so bad. So after 5 minutes I left again. It is such a typical tourist place. And so I drove into Fort Worth to take photographs of the sleeping panther.

Well Fort Worth is called panther city, the story behind it is that there was a Dallas businessman that visited Fort Worth and disliked it so much that he said it is so sleepy that nobody would even realize if there was a panther sleeping on street. So then Fort Worth had put the panther statue in the city.

But even I love Ninja my little mini panther, yes I must conclude the businessman was right. There is nothing to do in Fort Worth. And so I quickly drove further back to Dallas. Seems I am more the Dallas guy.

As you can see I got myself a hat as well. So now I fit more in to the picture. I headed to deep ellum. It is situated next to downtown and a great place to go out with lot of cool restaurants, pubs and bars. So I took the time to chill a bit in a kind of beer garden. And by the way don’t get me wrong, yes I drink coke as I have to drive. Still it was a great night out at Deep Ellum.

Today Sunday it is Mother’s Day here in America. Time to explore few more places. First on the list is the southfork ranch. The place where they filmed the famous TV series “Dallas”. With my hat I nearly look like in the movies. I am getting used to it that wearing a hat is just normal here.

From the ranch I took highway 75 all the way up to the most northern part of Texas at the border with Oklahoma. I took a short visit to Eisenhower state park which lies at the shores of a gigantic lake, lake Texoma.

It is crazy how quite it is up here only 90 minutes north of the busy metroplex. And you can see on the picture, everything is bigger in Texas, even the lake is so huge you can’t see the other side.

And speaking about large. I now finish my weekend with a relax evening at Texas Live.

It is kinda oversized sportsbar next to the Texas Rangers baseball stadium. And talking size, well a flat screen of 100ft is something I haven’t seen before either. So time to watch some baseball.

As you can see I had a great weekend and start to fall in love more and more with this fantastic state. So when the US Open qualifying takes place I will feel already completely at home here.