Michael Sombroek

A very presidential Day at the Big D

A very presidential Day at the Big D

Today I kicked off the day with some off course program. As I want to learn more about America and Texas I had reserved myself a ticket for the Bush Presidential Center here in Dallas. It’s great to learn more about the former president and I learned a lot there today.

So after breakfast and quickly getting myself some sunspray to make sure I am not getting burned anymore, I hit the highway towards the Bush Presidential Library and Center.

The center is fantastic, I learned about decision making like a president and they have an exact replica of the Oval Office as it was when Bush was president. And so I got to take seat in the chair of the president of the United States.

They explained me everything about the room and how every president changes the interior a bit as well. It was great to learn a lot from the museum guide which really took the time to explain me every detail. At the end he even got an autograph from me because he said that if I become the follow up of Bernhard Langer on the senior tour one day, he wants at least to have my signature.

Sitting in the presidents chair and giving autographs, well, that’s a lot new in the morning and so I went for a walk in the rose garden which is there as a replica as well.

There was so much more to see and so I had a fantastic morning and even learned a lot.

After my morning program, I took the drive towards Dallas Athletic Club where I had a tee time in the afternoon. The club is an exclusive private club and it is an honor that I am allowed to play there. The blue course I am going to play has even hosted a major, the 1963 PGA Championship won by jack Nicklaus.

Now as soon as you pass the gate of this members only club you enter a whole new world. There are places where at the moment you get there you know you wanne be there. This is exactly such a place. The members and the staff are so kind and friendly, the atmosphere is fantastic and the facilities are unbelievably. You absolutely feel completely in comfort from the moment you get there.

As there was rain and a thunderstorm outside I first had lunch in the clubhouse. Again I have never felt that comfortable in a clubhouse and yes I have seen a lot of them. After lunch it cleared outside and so I was ready to get my cart and drive to the first tee.

From that moment on I have the best golfing experience I have ever had in my life. I have never played a course with such a fantastic layout and maintained to absolute perfection. It is miles from what I have ever experienced on a GolfCourse and I have played over 300 worldwide. It is not that it is a bit better, no miles ahead. There is not one hole, one green or fairway that is not perfect. Every hole is beautiful and challenging to play.

And yes there is nobody out there playing, just me and the course. Imagine you can play the best course in the world and you are out there alone. Just me and some squirrels. And yes at some point there was another player and as he played fast I let him through. But as well letting somebody play through was an experience like no other. He came up to me, gave me the hand and we had a nice conversation and he thanked me very much. So much kindness and politeness, I have never seen that on any course in the world. Everyone on the club grounds is just friendly and polite.

So I make my way through the course. Hole by hole it is pure fun to be able to experience this kind of excellence. The sun is out by now and there is some Texas typical wind. And then I am on the 16th Tee.

The 16th is a par 3 which today played 189 yards from the back tee. The pin was front left directly behind the water. It is a bit downhill and the wind comes from the left today. So I hit my 5 iron and…..the ball flies straight towards the flag, lands about 5ft in front of the flag, makes one hop and ends up in the cup. Hole in one!!

I can tell you, this was the shot of my life. Making a hole in one on a course that hosted a major championship. A course that you can only describe as golf heaven. This is a moment, a day on the course I will never forget.

When reaching the 18th green I can only sum up the experience at Dallas Athletic Club as the ultimate perfect golf and club experience. When driving out of the gates you still feel the happiness of having the opportunity to experience a day like that, and yes, it makes you feel a bit like being the president.

So I drive towards downtown Dallas to finish the evening of a day like that in style.

I get to see the great eye. Visit the Kennedy memorial at dealey plaza and finally go to the AT&T discovery center. There is live music, people outside sitting on the grass, children playing. Such a great atmosphere that I stayed quite a while.

I leave around 10pm and on the way to my hotel all the memories of that great day here in the Big D go through my head. There are not many times where a day is perfect in any way, but today has been such a day. Thank you Dallas.