Private Golf Instruction
Break the Limits

With more than 22 years of experience I am proud to offer exclusive world class private golf instruction at the Hague in the Netherlands and Genk in Belgium. Private Golf Instruction is the most effective way to learn the game and become a better player, no matter if you are a mid handicapper trying to get to a single handicap or beginner who wants to get the golf licence GVB.

The way I teach is based on Tour proven methods used by the best players in the world to lower their scores and will help you as well to break your personal limits on the golf course. Assisted by video analyzation as a standard together with modern shot data analysis you learn the basics necessary to build a reliable golf swing and master the short game. In combination we take your game to the course during on course sessions and work on the basics of mental aspects of the game.

And finally no matter if you are beginner or pro, private golf instruction is fun and will make you enjoy your time on the golf course even more.

To book a private golf instruction session at the Hague or Genk and for more details please contact me via phone or mail so we can build your personal golf lesson program.

“If you think your hands are more important in your golf swing than your legs,

try walking a hole on your hands.”

-Gary Player

Small Groups and Workshops
Take your Game to the Next Level

If you are looking to improve or learn the game together with some friends, I offer small private group instruction. To maintain the level of quality offered through my private golf instruction program the group is limited to a maximum of 4 players. For beginning golfers it is possible as well to achieve the golf licence GVB by following a small group instruction package. For advanced players the lessons contents can individually be planned to fit perfect into the personal preferences of the group.

Feel free to contact me for more info and reservation of your private group instruction session.

Golf Workshops

If you are looking to work on a certain part of the game only the workshops focused on individual aspects of the game might be right for you. The workshops are half or full day programs and take place on different locations. The workshops can be booked as well as private one on one lessons, duo instruction or for an individual private group. Combining a series of different workshops will make you a more complete golfer.

To reserve your spot in a workshop or make an appointment for a private workshop you can contact me via phone or mail.

The maximum number of players in a workshop is 6 players to maintain the highest level of quality. For those looking for an even more intensive training program I offer short break and week programs in Spain. Information about the golf instruction week programs can be found here…..

The Swing Basics program is ideal if you are looking to get back into working on your game. During the program we are focusing on the basics of the golf swing, including grip, stance and body turn and check all those basics with video analysis.

As a half day program we combine the practice time on the driving range with a few holes on the short course or at the hague with playing different holes on the simulator. During a full day program the practice time is combined with a full 9 hole on course session on the golf course.

The Swing Basic program is available as individual private instruction, duo instruction or with a small group up to 6 players. The program can take place at our indoor location at the Hague or at Genk.

golf swing

The short game program focuses on the shots within 30 yards around the green. During the practice session we are going to learn the basics of the low chip shot, the high pitch and the basic bunker shot.

In addition to the basic techniques we are going to discuss the right club selection and how to adapt the shots depending on different situations around the green.

In combination we are going to play a few holes during a half day program. With a full day program the practice time is combined with a full 9 hole on course session.

The short game program can be followed at our indoor location at the Hague or at Genk in Belgium. It is possible to do the program individual, duo or in a small private group.

The putting program will teach you all basic fundamentals of becoming a great putter.

In the program you learn the basic putting stroke, distance control and how to read greens in easy steps, that will make you become a master on the green.

In addition we will learn the basic chip shot as well, so that more up and downs around the green will make you lower your scores.

This program can be followed as a half day program in combination with playing a few holes or full day in combination with a full 9 hole on course session.

It is possible to follow the program at The Hague as full day program in combination with playing 9 holes at golfclub rijswijk or at Genk as full or half day program. The program can be followed individually, duo or in a small group.

During the course management program you are going to learn the basics of good on course strategy. In addition you learn how to deal with special situations like trouble shots out of the woods, fairway bunkers and sloping lies.

The course management program is extreme fun, as you will discover new ways to escape even the most tricky situations.

As we need very unique facilities to be able to practice the different situations and we need to play a full 9 hole on course session, the program is only possible at my practice location at Genk as a full day program, as we need a large practice area. But even for customers from the Hague it is definetely worth it to plan a day program at Genk, as the course management program is unique in its kind.

The program can be followed individually, duo or with in small group as well.

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Golf Instruction Rates

Golf Lesson Rates

60 Minutes One on One Golf Instruction 65 Euro

60 Minutes Duo Instruction 2 players 80 Euro

On Course Golf Instruction

9 holes (2 hours) One on One Instruction 130 Euro

9 holes (2 hours) Duo Instruction 2 players 160 Euro

One on One Instruction Package Standard

8x 60 Minutes Golf Instruction, 2x 9 holes (2 hours) On Course Instruction

660 Euro

One on One Instruction Package Advanced

12x 60 Minutes Golf Instruction, 3x 9 holes (2 hours) On Course Instruction

990 Euro

Duo Instruction Package

7x 2 hours Duo Instruction, 2x 9 holes (2 hours) On Course Instruction

1260 Euro

Private Group Lessons

2 hours Golf Instruction 3-4 Players 60 Euro pp.

Private Group Instruction Package

7x 2 hours Golf Instruction, 2x 9 holes (2 hours) On Course Instruction

450 Euro pp.

Half Day Golf Coaching Program

3 hours Golf Instruction

One on One 180 Euro

Duo Instruction 2 Players 225 Euro

Small Group 3-6 Players 90 Euro pp.

One Day Golf Coaching Program

5 hours Golf Instruction

One on One 290 Euro

Duo Instruction 365 Euro

Small Group 3-6 Players 140 Euro pp.

Members of the Golf Indoor Studio at The Hague get a special reduced Rate on Golf Instruction and Golf Instruction Packages. Please contact me for more Info about Member Rates or a combination Package including golf lessons and a membership at the Indoor Golf.

Reduced Golf Instruction Rates for Members are only valid for the Member. For introductions of members the standard rates are egliable..

Prizes are subject to change without notice. With reservation the customer accepts the Terms and Conditions. All activities are on the players own risk, PGA Professional Michael Sombroek & Sombroek Golf Academy are not responsible for any damage or injuries. Payments have to be made cash, by bank transfer or with Pin or Credit Card. For Payments with card an additional transaction fee of 3% is added to the payment. Packages have to be paid in advance and are 6 months valid. If necessary lessons have to be canceled 48 hours in advance to avoid billing. All prizes are excluding Range or Greenfee at the Golf Course, but including the indoor rangefee at our indoor golf location at The Hague. Practice Balls on the Driving Range are not included in the prize.

Golf instruction at the Hague or Genk can be followed in Dutch, English or German language. Students with golf instruction packages get exclusive access to the online golf academy during the time of their package where they can find additional information based on the contents during the lessons to assist their personal practice. Beginners can achieve the golf licence GVB, necessary to be allowed to play on the course in Europe, by following one of the golf instruction packages.

Golf Instruction Technology
Practice like the Pros

When asked how the evolution of golf material has taken influence on the performance we see on todays professional golf tours, I always response that it is less the material of clubs or balls only that make players perform better and better, it is the evolution of how the teach and learn golf today that has the biggest impact.

Years ago video analysis of your swing was still something exotic. Today it is the standard I can not only make use of during practice with my students, but even on the course during playing sessions. Additionally we are able to measure all shot data indoor, like clubhead speed and clubface position at impact to get an even more detailed view on how swing changes take effect on our shots. Tour professionals have acces to this data during their practice and what assists them will make progress much faster for the average golfer as well. Therefore we make use of the latest technology to track club and ball data assisting you to build a reliable and repeatable classic golf swing during the golf instruction sessions.

For the 2019 season plans are to take it even a step further by adding a second launch monitor so we are able to track all launch data not only indoor, but outdoor as well during the summer season and on week programs in Spain.

A tour proven classic method of playing and learning golf combined with the latest technology in video analisys and shot data tracking makes you practice like the pros.

“Golf is not about the quality of your good shots, it is about the quality of your bad shots.”

-Nick Faldo


My main headquater for golf instruction is situated in the city center of the Hague in the Netherlands. At our indoor practice golf studio we are able to work on your golf game 365 days a year in perfect conditions. As we are independant of weather and light conditions, this is the ideal location for swing and short game practice. Assisted by video analysis and a high end golf simulator which gives us all shot data, normally only accessible for tour professionals during practice, we are able to take your swing to the next level.

As the location is in the center of the Hague, we are close to offices and home of our students, so that you do not spend all the time travelling to the course, but can easily make use of our golf instruction programs even after work.

Website Indoor Golf the Hague

For all on course activities at the Hague, we are able to make use of the facilities at golfclub Rijswijk close to the Hague.

The course is a challenging Par 71 parkland layout and ideal to take your game on the course during on course golf instruction sessions. The member owned club guarantees us the ability to work on your game on the course in a very comfortable atmosphere, and the year round perfect maintanance conditions fit ideal to the high standards I demand from a practice location.

Very friendly service and easy accesibility even with public transport make it my favourite golf course in the Hague region and I am happy to be able to make use of this location for our on course activities. In combination with our indoor practice facility we can work on every aspect of your game.

Website Golfclub Rijswijk

Besides the locations at The Hague, I offer golf instruction at golfclub Spiegelven in Genk. Since 2012 I am able to make use of this fantastic location offering an 18 hole championship course, 9 hole Par 3 course and great practice facilities including covered driving range and large short game area.

The golfcourse is easily accessible as well from the Dutch parts of Limburg such as Maastricht, Roermond and Heerlen. This way I am able to offer my golf instruction programs also to all my clients in the Genk area in Belgium and the southern parts of the Netherlands. Even from Eindhoven the location is reachable in less than one hour.

The classic layout of the golf course makes it one of my favourite golf courses in the benelux, the private club offers a high maintance standard due to a very qualified greenkeeping team, resulting in a true championship course when it comes to the quality of the course and its greens.

Additionally there is a hotel on site, so that if necessary it is possible to combine the stay with an accomodation at the hotel.

Website Golfclub Genk