I turned professional in 1996 after graduating from high school and finishing military service. As apprentice professional I worked at the Mittelrheinische Golf Club Bad Ems which is one of the oldest and most exclusive golf courses in Germany. After three years learning from my Head Professional Shaun Case, who had been a British Open player, I passed the tests to become a fully qualified member of the PGA of Germany.

Sombroek Golf Academy has been established in 1999. Since then the Golf Academy has been located at different golf clubs such as Berlin, Maastricht and Genk. In 2007 I have moved to the Netherlands and since 2014 the main location for my golf instruction programs is The Hague in the Netherlands combined with a second location in Genk in Belgium.

During my career I was not only able to compete in national and international professional tournaments and have even been member of the European Challenge Tour one year, I was lucky as well to be able to learn from a few of the best professionals in the world, such as David Leadbetter, Dave Pelz and Heinz Peter Thuel, who has been the second best german player on the PGA Tour behind Bernhard Langer for almost 15 years. All this experience has formed my approach of teaching and playing golf, resulting in an exclusive teaching method. I am looking forward to share that experience with you and work on your game, so you can lower your scores, reach your personal goals and enjoy the time on the golf course and during the lessons even more.

“Don’t be too proud to take lessons, I’m not”

-Jack Nicklaus

Golf Instruction

There is no difference in golf instruction and personal golf coaching weather the student is a tour professional, scratch golfer, mid handicap player or beginner. So why not use the same tour proven methods of playing golf including video analysis and launch monitor data for every player? With all of my students I use the same technology and even if the contents during a beginners lesson is different from teaching a lower handicap player, it is all based on the same method. This approach makes it possible to step by step take your game to the next level in becoming a better golfer. More information about golf instruction at The Hague and Genk ….

Week Programs

During the year I offer different week and weekend coaching programs to Spain. The golf travel programs form the ideal combination of playing together with a small group of golf enthousiasts and following an exclusive golf instruction program.

To guarantee a high level of quality the number of players on all programs is limited to 3-6 players. This way there is enough room for individual coaching during the time on the practice range and on course. For more details about the golf coaching short break and week programs in spain click here….

“Your final goal is to convert your athletic swing to pure instinct rather than conscious thought.”

-David Leadbetter

Online Golf Academy
Because Only Practice Makes Perfect

In Januari 2018 the first part of the Workbook Golf, an ebook originally written to assist my students progress during practice, has been published on Amazon.

Now we take practice to a new level introducing the Sombroek Online Golf Academy. The interactive approach features courses discussing all aspects of the game starting with the golf swing basics upto courses featuring course management and playing out of difficult lies. The difference with the original workbook is the addition of instructional videos and drills forming a complete guide that will give practice a purpose making it more effective.

For non students the online academy is accessible via a paid subscription model. For regular golf instruction students the access to the online academy is a free additional service to aid the personal practice progress. Visit the online golf academy for more details….